Agsri school is a visionary institution to develop new thinking and skills for innovative agriculture
Source: AgSri - Nabard (NRMC)
Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative
India is the second largest sugarcane producer in the world
System of Rice Intensification
Rice is the main source of directly consumed calories for about half the world’s population

Pathways to Profit

AgSri School is a visionary institution that engages all stakeholders- policymakers, project managers, extension practitioners and researchers - in developing the new thinking and skills required for large-scale implementation of agricultural innovations that can feed an increasing population, make agriculture a profitable profession, and protect the environment.
Demand for agricultural products continues to increase with a burgeoning population, yet farmers are confronted with declining resources (land, labor, water) and escalating production costs. Urbanization and industrialization have eroded interest in farming as a livelihood or profession.

The only way sustainable farming is possible will be by showing that crop production is profitable. International, national and regional research organizations generate improved and modified farm practices to help farmers but the pathways for these new developments to reach farmers are never complete.

The result is that most farmers are either not aware of new practices or do not understand them properly. Policymakers, financial managers, extension personnel, and farmers all need to be included in the knowledge loop to achieve the necessary scale.
Our solution is the AgSri School, with the expertise and infrastructure to address the information and training needs of the full range of stakeholders as these relate to innovative and transformative crop production techniques such as the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI).

AgSri School will offer programs at three levels. The Executive Program will focus on improving awareness among policymakers and senior managers of organizations and institutions who oversee funding and implementation of agricultural initiatives, so that they can make informed and evidence-based decisions.

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A Training of Trainers Program will focus on developing technically proficient cadres of trainers, such as extension technicians in government and NGO agencies, and ‘Farmer Experts’ who live and work among farmers. The Research Program will engage researchers in developing new knowledge and understanding to refine the techniques.
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