Transforming Agriculture

Conventional farm practices to be replaced with innovative knowledge-intensive, employment-specific and production-oriented practices which take fewer resources but also result in more net income and profits to farmers' and industries while reducing the footprint of present agricultural practices on the environment.
Producing more food is not enough. The current food system managed huge increases in productivity, but it also produced massive exclusion and marginalization, with disastrous consequences for food security; it contributed to destroying the environment; and it has serious, and negative, public health consequences. The central question is not how to produce more, but how to produce in ways that raise the incomes of the poorest farmers, and that preserve the environment. By focusing too much on solutions that promote the supply of more food, we may forget to pay sufficient attention to the question of who produces, at what price and for whom. I believe that this question remains central in designing responses to any type of crises. Read more...
Mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the right to food
The right to food and the financial and economic crisis
Submission to the UN Conference on World Financial and Economic Crisis,
UN General Assembly, 24-26 June 2009
Farmers have always been and are ever ready for any new approach that is highly beneficial. There is a felt need to reach them in innovative ways. This is AgSri’s mission.
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