We Need a New Paradigm

The world is facing three fundamental and basic challenges that affect people’s quality of life: lack of access to food; inadequate employment; and ecological degradation. Agriculture is the cause of and victim of these basic problems, and also the solution. In many countries, agriculture is the main source of food and employment.

Lack of proper methods to improve agriculture production to meet increasing demand for food is a root cause of inadequate food supplies. Because of a history of continued lack of proper interventions, agriculture has also become the main cause for ecological degradation - water depletion, land contamination and degradation, encroachment on forests, and species reduction.

Water conflicts are tearing apart communities and cultures. This is compounded by a lack of science-based approaches that can assist in reducing water requirements for agriculture while improving production. The conflict between humans and ecosystems has emerged as the central challenge to be overcome if we are to ensure greater food security for people across the world and improved protection of the environment.

In India and elsewhere, the focus has until now been on more production to meet the food needs of the ever-growing population, with the active intervention of science and technology. This strategy has certainly resulted in improving the overall grain supply but at an enormous cost. It has destabilized biodiversity and food diversity, degraded ecosystems, and depleted surface and ground water resources.
Change Is Possible
Over the last eight years, our team has successfully demonstrated that ‘More with Less’ agriculture is indeed possible. AgSri is focused on working with farmers to improve their yields while considerably reducing their inputs-seed, water, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. It is possible and it is happening and we need to scale it up with professional approaches.

AgSri will work with farmers on introducing and adapting approaches such as the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) and other field-based approaches in the agriculture and water sectors. Farmers in several parts of India and many parts of the world are already using these approaches with great success. But to date the dissemination and technical support required for farmers to take up these approaches have remained largely in the domain of civil society organisations.

For greater proliferation and impact we need to forge alliances with governments, the private sector and consumers, not as a matter of charity but as good business, in order to improve food security and the well-being of rural and urban populations, while addressing the interests of farmers and industries. Policies should be able to address these issues in such a way that agriculture becomes economically, socially, politically and ecologically viable.

We have begun the process by entering into strategic alliances with partners such as Triveni Industries and the Sugar Producer Support Initiative (SUPSI), established in 2010 by the Solidaridad Network, Better Sugar Cane Initiative, and World Wildlife Fund. We are open to similar collaborations with other partners who want to work with us in bringing about a paradigm shift in the way agricultural production has been undertaken thus far. The possibilities are indeed immense!
You, too, can contribute, with us, towards the sustainable development of a better world.
Dr.Biksham Gujja
Founder and Chairperson
  Dr. Vikram Akula
Director, AgSri
AgSri is focused on working with farmers to improve their yields and net income while considerably reducing the inputs and costs.
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