Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative
India is the second largest sugarcane producer in the world...
Water Management Initiatives
The First National Seminar on Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) is an effort to initiate a dialogue on improving the productivity and quality of sugarcane production. More than 100 participants from various states of the country - representing industry, farmers, researchers and civil society - would be sharing their SSI experiences and identifying issues for further research and improvisation. SSI has been tested in various states and during the Seminar, the case studies presented by various participants will be discussed.
The focus of the Seminar is to bring cross learning and identify the required training needs of the farmers and cane development staff. The discussion at the Seminar will also help in evolving strategies for a collaborative effort in scaling up SSI.
The Seminar is expected to deliberate and come to a common understanding on
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