Company Profile

AgSri provides end to end Consulting Solutions and Services as well as partnership basis for agriculture projects for various scope, size and resources addressing issues of Livelihood Development and Food Security. We offer consultancy for piloting, innovative agriculture projects for Governments, Multi-Lateral Funding Agencies and Corporate companies, cutting across diverse crops and climate zones.


To transform agricultural activities in to a business opportunity mode and introduce the farmers and corporate sector to increase the agriculture productivity using state of the art technologies such as GIS and Remote Sensing. To reach out the sugarcane and rice producing farmers and benefitting them with Innovative Farming Technologies (IFT) of SSI and SRI thereby becoming the largest SSI based sugarcane seedling producer and providing smart business services and solutions for sugarcane Supply chain sector.


To benefit 10% of farmers in India by year 2025 through transforming conventional farming practices with innovative techniques and increasing productivity, water saving and optimum utilization of land.

Key differentiator

Our key differentiators in the market place are:

  • AgSri is one of the private companies to promote and produce Sugarcane seedlings through SSI technique and promote Rice cultivation through SRI practices.
  • AgSri services undertakes its services in providing Package of Practice (PoP) of innovative, knowledge intensive, employment specific and production oriented practices of Sugarcane,pulses and groundnut cultivation.
  • AgSri services also spans its services to develop a comprehensive development plant that includes, agriculture, water management. We provide expertise and projects that include environmental assessment and methods of mitigation for industrial and mining sectors.
  • AgSri has proven and Certified by International certification body, the Gold Standard for promoting SSI technology for saving water in India as an innovative practices of cultivation and generated 249,479 Water Benefit Certificates (WBCs).