Where and With Whom


AgSri has its experience and partnerships with many clients across various districts in India. AgSri has established nursery and supplied sugarcane and rice seedlings to farmers thereby promoting sustainable practices of SSI and SRI. AgSri has established nurseries for SSI/SRI in the below districts.


Solapur , Maharashtra

AgSri and Shree Siddeshwar Sahakari Sakhar Kharkhana Ltd. signed an agreement on June 2012 to implement SSI among the farmers of Solapur district over a period of 3 years. Both the parties agreed to implement SSI in 5500 acres of land and promote initiatives such as training programs, demonstrations and press releases.

Ahmednagar , Maharashtra

AgSri along with Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dahigaon Ne, Shevgaon comes together in April 2015 with an intention of promoting and implementing SSI practices of Sugarcane cultivation amongst farmers. The project is to produce SSI seedlings of 25 lakhs in first year, followed by 30 lakhs in the second year and 30 lakhs in third year. AgSri will also provide training to the local workers in operations related to nurseries.

Beed, Maharashtra

Vaidynath Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, Parli collaborated with AgSri in October 2012, for helping the member farmers to increase their average yield per acre sugarcane yields, improve overall quality of sugarcane and adopt sustainable technique to reduce usage of water in sugarcane cultivation in its operational area. The project was to implement SSI practice over 18,000 acres over a period of 5 years with a plan of 1,000 acres in Year 1, followed by 2,000 acres in Year 2, 3,000 acres in Year 3, 3,500 acres in year 4, and 7,000 acres in Year 5.

Latur, Maharashtra

AgSri and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Latur, comes together in October, 2011 for promoting SSI, raising nurseries and for developing training modules for farmers on SSI under public private partnership. AgSri will be responsible for initiating and monitoring the demonstration programmes, organize workshops, and develop partnerships and other consultative activities and KVK will cooperate with sugar factories for identification of farmers, farm plots and carrying training program for farmers.


Mysore, Karnataka

AgSri and Nestle, Nanjangud have decided to collaborate and work together towards creating awareness about better agricultural practices to reduce current water usage in agriculture and improving productivity of paddy and sugarcane crops in Kabini Basin in Mysore district of Karnataka. This project is initiated in June, 2015 with an objective to implement SSI and SRI method of cultivation in the study area between 2015 and 2017 in an area of 100 hectares to reduce about 20% of current water use by agriculture while improving 20% of the productivity of paddy and sugarcane crops by 2017.

Belgaum, Karnataka

AgSri and Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited, Bellam Bagewadi, Belagum district, Karnataka, signed an agreement on October 2016 to implement SSI among the farmers of Bagewadi taluka over a period of 3 years. Both the parties agreed to implement SSI in 500 acres of land and promote initiatives such as training programs, demonstrations and press releases.


Medak , Telangana

AgSri has established its own nursery in Pasthapur near Zaheerabad. The nursery is established in 2012 in an acre and later expanded to two acres for SSI demonstration in 2017. AgSri has raised more than 1 million sugarcane seedlings so far and has been successfully supplying sugarcane seedling in thebuffer zone of Zaheerabad, Telangana  and Bidar region of Karnataka. AgSri also conducts Farmer's meet and provides training to the farmers towards implementation of SSI for sugarcane cultivation.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Triveni's association with the Sugar Industry is as old as the Industry itself and is one of the one of the largest producer of Sugar in India. Triveni believes in the technology devised by AgSri and its potential in coming future. AgSri has provided its technical consulting services to support implementation of SSI for 3 years starting from 2010 to 2013 to seven factory units of Triveni sugars in Kathauli, Sabitgarh, Chandanpur, Ramkola, Deoband, and MilakNarayanpur. The objective of the project was to improve the yield by 20%, sugar content by 10% with varietal differences in 40% of Triveni area and improve water productivity by 30%. AgSri also agreed to provide training, monitoring and executing Cane Developmental activities within Triveni to achieve the above objectives.